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6 Symptoms to Call Your Dentist About

It can cause a lot of anxiety if your tooth suddenly starts to feel uncomfortable or you notice that a tooth looks different than it normally does. Should you call the dentist? Should you take an over-the-counter analgesic and wait to see if it goes away? Here are 6 symptoms to call your dentist about urgently to take the guesswork out of your discomfort and anxiety.

1. If Your Tooth Hurts

Whether you notice a sudden or gradual onset of discomfort in a tooth or area of your mouth, this is one of the most common and also most crucial symptoms to call your dentist about. Your teeth should not hurt, so this can be a sign that something needs your attention. It’s important to find out what is causing the discomfort as soon as possible to help ensure it is treated before it progresses to something serious that could require more extensive treatment.

2. If You’re Experiencing Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be caused by many health conditions or even certain medications. It can also be caused by snoring or simply exercising a lot. Dry mouth may seem like one of the more minor symptoms to call your dentist about, but dry mouth can mean that the saliva in your mouth is unable to do its job to fight bacteria and protect your teeth which can lead to problems down the road. Whether you’re an athlete who enjoys running or if you are facing a health challenge, your dentist may be able to help manage dry mouth or lessen the symptoms to make you more comfortable and protect your teeth from damage.

3. If You Notice Discoloration

If you notice white, brown or gray spots on your teeth or any other signs of discoloration these are all symptoms to call your dentist about because they may be a sign of a cavity, dying tooth or other dental issue that your dentist may need to treat immediately.

4. If Part of Your Tooth or a Filling is Missing

If your tooth looks jagged or like a piece has chipped off or broken, or if a filling falls out or a crown falls off, call your dentist immediately. Missing areas of a tooth or missing fillings or crowns can expose the sensitive inner layers of the tooth that the enamel, or hard outer layer of your tooth, is meant to protect from bacteria and decay. It is very important to see a dentist as soon as possible to repair your tooth and protect the root from harm which could lead to complete loss of the tooth or an invasive infection.

5. If Your Tooth Falls Out

If your tooth is knocked out or falls out, you may still have time to save it. Call your dentist immediately to determine the best time for an emergency appointment. It may also be prudent to ask your dentist for tips to handle this type of dental injury at your next cleaning, so as to prepare yourself for the unlikely chance it may occur. Timing is crucial with dental injury, so call immediately!

6. If You’ve Recently Experienced Trauma

If you’ve recently experienced a blow to the mouth or head, or hit your head in a way that may have caused your teeth to bite down or clench hard and suddenly, your dentist should examine your teeth and it may also be helpful for them to do x-rays to see if there is any damage to your teeth such as chips or fractures, that may not be readily visible during a visual exam.

If you’re experiencing any of these symptoms, don’t wait for relief! They are all important symptoms to call your dentist about as soon as possible. Your dentist is here for you to help you keep your smile its healthiest and happiest.

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