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Dental Health

7 Drinks That Impact Dental Health

What you eat and drink directly affects your oral health. So how can you make good choices? Below are facts about 7 drinks that impact dental health, and whether they help or hurt your teeth and gums.

1. Coffee

Coffee is an acidic drink, but some studies show that coffee can actually aid in the prevention of cavities if it is consumed without additives. So you can drink your coffee guilt-free but skip the sweet stuff.

2. Alcohol

The sugar and acid content in alcohol generally isn’t so great, but the real hardship on your enamel comes from the fact that alcohol dries your mouth out.
Alcohols like white wine have more acid than red wine does, so if you want to indulge, reach for a red instead.
Beer isn’t known to have a detrimental effect on teeth, but there aren’t any conclusions about whether or not it will positively impact dental health either.
No matter what alcohol you choose, dehydration means less saliva is washing away bad bacteria or food particles, and plaque is able to proliferate unchecked. In the end, prioritizing hydration and drinking in moderation is the best way you can protect your teeth from the effects of alcohol.

3. Soft Drinks

Soft Drinks have a sugar and acid content that together can really affect your teeth. This includes energy drinks which can also contain caffeine, something that can encourage dehydration. A dry mouth is more prone to cavities and the effects of sugar and acid on the enamel of your teeth, so ultimately soft drinks, and energy drinks are the perfect mix to encourage cavities in the making. If you do enjoy a soft drink as a treat, chase it with water to wash out all of the sugar, acid, and to rehydrate your body, encouraging saliva production, and protecting your teeth.

4. Fruit Juice

Like wine or soft drinks, fruit juice contains a load of sugar and acid generally. It isn’t the healthiest option for your teeth, but it may be a little less likely to encourage cavities. As always, drink in moderation, and chase it with plenty of water for the rest of the day, and you’ll be better off.

5. Tea

What type of tea you drink is important to determine the impact it will have on your dental health. Most hot teas have pH levels above 5, which are generally not harmful to teeth, and in the case of green tea specifically, may even be beneficial to tooth and gum health.
Steer clear of the iced teas, however, as they tend to have plenty of sugar in them, something that can be detrimental to your dental health in the end.

6. Milk

Dairy in general contains proteins that discourage plaque from hanging out on your teeth, making it harder for plaque to stick around for a long time. Also, the minerals in milk, like calcium, can be beneficial to bone strength. For this reason, milk can be a healthy choice that will impact dental health. It also boasts a higher pH level, another good point for your teeth.

7. Water

Drinking plenty of water can impact dental health in huge ways, assisting in the production of saliva, and flushing your mouth of bacteria and food debris likely to encourage the growth of plaque. Of all the beverages in this list, water isn’t just the healthiest option you can choose, it is an important drink you shouldn’t skip but should prioritize daily to optimize your dental health, and chase the plaque away.

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