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Why Replace Missing Teeth With Dental Implant?

Many people suffer from tooth loss for one cause or another. Whether you lost a tooth to decay, infection, or an accident, we offer tooth replacement options such as dental implants in Chandler, AZ. Here are 5 reasons why dental implants are so useful for replacing missing teeth!

  1. Minimal Maintenance
    Dental implants get designed to sustain the dental health of your neighboring teeth. The corrected dental implant acts as an anchor for repairs, letting you eat any food without the worry of it harming your dental health. It also helps control periodontal disease and delivers a steady basis for your smile.
  1. Prevents Dental Issues
    When you lose a tooth, the neighboring teeth move over time, leading to dental issues like jaw pain, and severe earache. Substituting missing teeth with dental Implants can stop these effects because they effectively keep the other natural teeth and bones in your mouth just like a tooth.
  1. Adequate Replacement Option
    Dental implants cost more than other dental treatments, but dental Dentures and other dental prosthetics can get misplaced or impaired, dental implants do not require replacing. Once fixed, they will maintain their original shape with good oral hygiene. If you consider the price of dental implant surgery compared to the care and aesthetics costs of dental bridges, dental crowns, and dentures, dental implants are a great deal!
  1. Restores Function
    People lose their natural teeth as they grow up because it is common for older individuals to suffer from medical illnesses that impact tooth loss, such as diabetes or gum disease. Dental implants can correct chewing functions, speech, and facial form by substituting missing teeth.
  1. Improves Outlook On Life
    If you have lost only a single tooth, it can also influence your quality of life. You may see yourself stressing about remaining aware of your mouth during meals out in public or avoiding social settings because you are uneasy about how your smile looks. When you have dental implants, you’ll be capable of enjoying a better life without bothering about your dental health!

Considering Dental Implants?

No doubt, dental implants are a great choice for someone looking to enhance the look of their smile. Overall, dental implant surgery has minimal risk or safety concerns, yet, choosing the right dental professional with years of experience in putting dental implants successfully in the jawbone is of the utmost priority. It helps in ensuring the process is useful while avoiding any possible dental issues.

Dental Implants In Chandler, AZ

If you also have missing teeth and want to improve your smile with bright pearly teeth for a lifetime, dental implants in Chandler, AZ, are the best option for you. Do not feel hesitant to discuss your missing teeth with our implant surgeon/ dentist. Contact us now to book your appointment.