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Same-day Crown Chandler

Improve Your Smile With Same-Day Crowns in Chandler

If you have a broken tooth, infected tooth, or damaged tooth, the dentist may recommend a porcelain crown. Our Chandler dental office provides same-day crowns for those who need immediate restoration. We have advanced technology for creating your restoration immediately. Thanks to the advanced CEREC system that allows us to create same-day crowns Chandler for you and thus restore your smile in the same visit itself.

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Dr Lopez and his staff are hands down best dentist I have ever visited. They not only listen to their customers but they prioritize their needs. They have earned mine and my families business!

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What is the CEREC system?

The CEREC crown system is a modern dental technology that allows dental professionals to create and place ceramic crowns in a single appointment, without the need for temporary crowns or multiple dental visits. The CEREC system utilizes computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) technology to create highly precise and customized ceramic crowns that match the natural color and shape of your teeth. Overall, the CEREC crown system is a highly advanced and efficient way for dental professionals to create and place ceramic crowns in a single appointment, providing patients with a convenient and effective dental solution.

Benefits of CEREC Same-Day Crown

  • Immediate Repair – Rather than wait for the dental labs to create a crown for you in one or two weeks, same-day crowns Chandler can deliver your smile back in just a single visit.
  • Perfect Fit – Even though you get a dental crown of perfect fit and finish whenever the dentist sends it to a dental lab, the level of accuracy of Chandler’s same-day crowns on-site will be the perfect fit.
  • Comfortable – A broken tooth or damaged crown will interfere with your professional or social life if not addressed on time. With CEREC same-day crowns Chandler, it saves your time and stress and eliminates the need for multiple dental visits.
  • Natural-Looking – Same-day crowns look natural, and they blend perfectly with the rest of your teeth in size, shape, and color.
Emergency Dentist Chandler
Emergency Dentist Chandler

Dental Issues That Same-Day Crowns Chandler Can Fix?

When a dental problem occurs, the worst thing is knowing that the tooth’s repair or fixing takes weeks to complete. CEREC same-day crowns can be of utmost help if you face one of the dental problems mentioned below.

  • Broken dental crown
  • Fractured tooth
  • A decayed tooth that cannot be fixed through dental filling
  • Infected tooth
  • Weak tooth
  • An unsightly tooth that is stained

Get Your Same-Day Crown Now From Your Dentist In Chandler

If you face a dental problem and believe same-day crowns would be the right choice, then schedule an appointment with the dentist in Chandler, who will determine whether you are eligible for same-day crowns.