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Patient asking questions to dentist

5 Questions You Should Ask a New Dentist

Seeing a new dentist for the first time can make anyone feel nervous. It’s important to consider beforehand what questions you might want to ask in order to help you learn as much information as possible so that you can decide whether they are the best fit for you or your family. Here are 5 questions you should ask a new dentist.

1. Are You Accepting New Patients?

First and foremost in the list of questions you should ask a new dentist includes whether they are accepting new patients. If you really like a dentist and they aren’t accepting new patients currently, they may have a wait list you can get on, but it’s best not to put off dental care so it’s important to find one who is accepting new patients now.

2. How Long Have You Been in Practice?

Experience is key so don’t be afraid to ask how long your dentist has been in practice. It may also be helpful to ask them how long they have been practicing any specialty they provide to get a better idea of how much experience they have in any dental care or treatment you’re specifically needing such as cosmetic dentistry.

3. Do You Treat Patients with Special Conditions?

It’s also important when interviewing a new dentist to ask about any potential challenges you are concerned about such as unique general health issues, mental, cognitive or behavioral conditions. These may include HIV/AIDS, cancer, autoimmune disorders, autism, Alzheimer’s disease, disabilities or age-related impairments. Of the questions you should ask a new dentist, this may be one that makes a difference from the start in how you work with your new dentist to address the many lifestyle factors that may impact your oral health.

4. Do You Have Experience with my Insurance Plan?

If you have insurance, it may be best to check with them to find out which dentists in your area are within their coverage, but it can also be helpful to ask any new dentist if they have experience with your dental plan so that they can help you optimize use of your coverage and get the most of it.

5. What is Causing my Problem and How Much Will it Cost?

If you’re visiting a dentist because of a concern or condition, your dentist should help you to feel as comfortable as possible and that includes giving you as much information as they have available. Don’t be shy. Questions you should ask a new dentist should absolutely include any questions you can think of! So go ahead and make a list of all your questions beforehand, the right dentist will appreciate your thoughtful investment in your oral health.

Call for a Consultation

Finding the dentist who is the best fit for you or your family can be challenging, especially if you don’t know where to start. If you’ve moved to a new town, asking new neighbors and coworkers for recommendations can be a great place to begin to find one who has earned a good word of mouth reputation. An online search engine can also be a great place to start so you can read helpful reviews from other patients. When you find one that sounds good, call to make an appointment for a consultation so you can visit the office and meet the staff in person. Trust your gut, when you find the right fit, you’ll know it!

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