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7 Dental Hygiene Tips For Protecting Your Oral Health

There is no better way to maintain oral health other than a good dental hygiene routine. A good oral health routine protects our teeth from damage and ensures we do not develop serious oral health issues. Clean mouths not only make us look attractive but it is also beneficial for our gut health. It is crucial to take the right steps daily and continue these practices diligently.

7 Dental Hygiene Tips For Protecting Your Oral Health

Brush And Floss Twice A Day

The best way to keep your teeth is to brush them regularly. Dentists in Gilbert recommend brushing twice a day, for two minutes minimum. Brushing before and after bedtime cleans the mouth from harmful bacteria and germs that cause bad breath. Flossing is used to get rid of tiny pieces of food that get stuck in between your teeth. These practices also help avoid decay and other oral problems.

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

Fluoride is the best treatment for oral health issues. It is a mineral occurring naturally in soil, water, and air. It makes the enamel layer more resistant to damage. For children, fluoride helps avoid cavities. In adults, it reduces the damage caused by aging and other harmful dental practices developed over the years. Fluoride toothpaste is one of the best ways to incorporate it into your dental hygiene routine. 

Use Mouthwash Regularly

Many people tend to avoid mouthwash despite its benefits. It is considered a gimmicky product used only for advertisement purposes. Mouthwashes reduce acids in the mouth and provide important minerals for dental health. It balances the ph level and also prevents cavities and infections. Gilbert’s dentist suggests using mouthwash once daily or every time after eating.

Drink Sufficient Amounts of Water

Water is the best beverage for quenching thirst. Maintaining your hydration levels is one of the most overlooked hygiene practices. It is recommended to drink a glass of water after every meal. Drinking water produces saliva. Saliva consists of 99% of water. It also helps move food particles around the mouth and prevents them from getting stuck between teeth. 

Avoid Harmful Foods

Poor diet is the biggest contributor to poor dental health. Dentists always recommend avoiding food high in sugar. Some bacteria living in the mouth release acid when they digest sugar. These acids lead to cavities. Tea, coffee, and acidic foods can wear down the enamel layer. It leaves teeth vulnerable to damage. Sticky food like candies get stuck between teeth and cause harm too. 

Raw fruits and vegetables are high in fiber that cleans teeth. Leafy greens, yogurt, and nuts strengthen the outer layer and improve dental health.

Avoid Smoking 

Oral health gets affected by smoking too. Tooth staining is one of the minor issues of smoking. It develops the risk of getting oral cancer, gum problems, decay, and other conditions that can result in the removal of the tooth or other oral surgeries. Smoking also hinders saliva production, which is essential for good oral health.

Visit Dentists Regularly

Apart from a good dental hygiene routine, consulting a dentist is also important. Regular mouth examination is often avoided; however, only a dentist will be able to check your whole mouth and pinpoint other issues. There is always a risk of plaque buildup, a colorless film of bacteria, on the surface of the teeth, which can cause bad breath. Usually, our Gilbert dentists recommend visiting at least twice a year. However, you should consult them whenever you experience any discomfort.

Meet The Best Dentist In Gilbert

Caring for your teeth and mouth is essential to maintain a beautiful smile. It is not always possible to possess healthy teeth, even after following all the tips for dental hygiene. Frequent checkups help prevent problems in advance. Contact our dentists in Gilbert to schedule your appointment and learn more about our services.