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Maintaining Your Dental Health During the Holidays

There’s lots of talk about maintaining our whole body’s health by being mindful to continue to eat healthy and exercise during the holidays, but what about our dental health? Maintaining your dental health during the holidays may feel mundane, but it’s still important, just like diet and exercise. Here are some tips to keep your teeth in top shape as you enjoy the festivities of the season.

A Healthy Diet for Your Teeth

A healthy diet for your whole body should also include healthy choices for your teeth. Of course, it’s important to start by knowing which foods and drinks to avoid, such as those high in sugar, refined carbohydrates and that are sticky or may leave behind a residue or staining on your teeth. These include things like candy or sodas, juices, white breads, caramels, toffee and teas or dark-colored sauces.

Positive Choices Matter

Just like with caring for your body, it’s not only about what you avoid, it’s about how you nourish that matters. Maintaining your dental health during the holidays should include foods and drinks that help to support the health of your teeth. Fresh whole foods that are high in fiber and rich with minerals and vitamins are great options. This includes dairy like milk, plain yogurt and cheeses, raw fruits and veggies, nuts and whole grains.

Even better if the foods are crunchy, like apples, which are aptly nicknamed nature’s toothbrush for their ability to help clean your teeth when you snack on them. The added crunch factor can also help to boost saliva production, which is your body’s natural way of washing away bacteria and plaque and defending your teeth against cavities.

Habits and the Holidays

Habits can be tough to keep up while on vacation, but habits are important to maintaining your dental health during the holidays. It can be helpful to schedule a time slot every morning and evening during the holiday season to ensure that you get the self-care your body needs no matter how busy things get. Caring for your dental health should be part of this routine, as well as anything else your body and mind needs to stay healthy, strong and calm, such as yoga, running, meditation or a facial and skin care routine.

New Resolutions

Soon after the holidays comes a new year, so it’s a great time to think ahead to your goals for your health and your routines. If you want help coming up with an improved routine for maintaining your dental health during the holidays and beyond, it’s a great time to schedule an appointment with your dentist to talk about your goals. Your dentist will be happy to help you come up with a plan that works with your lifestyle and schedule to maintain a bright, healthy and strong smile.

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