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Root Canal in Chandler and Gilbert, AZ

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Excruciating pain can be caused by infections or damage to the soft tissues inside your tooth. Pressure on the nerve endings within the pulp of the tooth is a common reason. You should be aware that this type of pain can lead you to miss work and have nightmares. At Riggs Family Dental, we provide a high-quality root canal treatment that involves the removal of damaged pulp and nerve ends from your tooth. This treatment will not only alleviate your discomfort but will also protect your mouth’s overall health.
Root Canal

The service I received here at Riggs dental was absolutely amazing. The staff actually cared about everything and explained everything in detail. As soon as you walk through the front door you felt welcomed by all staff members. I am extremely happy that I chose Riggs dental. Plus they’re able to get me in the next day for a root canal with IV sedation instead of having to wait to get it done. I had called oral surgeon that I usually went to regarding this tooth issue and they couldn’t get me in for almost 2 weeks. Riggs dental has a new patient for life

- Kyle Langer


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Root Canal Treatment

When Should You Go For Root Canal Treatment?

Some of the situations which increase the need to undergo root canal treatment are:

What Are The Advantages Of Root Canal Treatment?

Going to a reputable dentist’s office for root canal treatment might provide you with a number of advantages. We’ve compiled a list for you.

  • Many individuals believe that root canal treatment is an unpleasant procedure. However, this is not the case all the time. A root canal treatment is almost painless and doesn’t make the patients go through any form of serious agony.
  • Root canal therapy is very efficient and gives excellent results. To add on, this procedure is cost-effective and involves fewer visits to the dental clinic if compared with tooth extraction.
  • Having teeth that are broken or infected can make your smile appear unattractive. A root canal can help you solve this condition.
Root Canal Advantage

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